Before & After: Hair Loss Edition

I shed. I find hair in the refrigerator, garbage can and beneath chair legs; it gets tangled up in my husband’s toes when he steps out of the shower. It’s nasty.

I’ve always had this problem but it was manageable. When I was pregnant, my hair was a-m-a-z-i-n-g with minor shedding. For example, here is a “Before” photo before I had a baby:


I was not prepared for what would explode into something horrid. I was not prepared to handle clumps of hair after conditioner. Nor was I prepared to realize how a woman’s body can react to a baby in such a way. Here is the “After” photo after I had a baby:


Is this why Moms get the “Mom haircut?” Could this be why Moms are doomed to forever wear their hair in a ponytail? Should I forgive myself for finding hair in Humnoy’s mouth and also inside his diaper? I give up.

Do you have an extreme Before & After?


3 thoughts on “Before & After: Hair Loss Edition

    • So true, Laasya! I thought it was a curse during my child-free days but now it’s just a horror movie. Thanks for being my for my first commenter! I wish I could get you a prize or something like a latte or a magazine subscription. ;D

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