Who Is Scentsy?

Have you ever said, “Man, I never win anything!” and still think that “this” time will be different if you enter that drawing, raffle or giveaway? That was me but I finally won! (My husband did but, by default, it’s actually my prize). We won a Scentsy gift basket at his work’s pizza party. If you’re unfamiliar with Scentsy, all it is is a fancy candle wax warmer that soccer moms, single women and (newly learned) some closet scent-fetsished men rave about.

We’re pretty excited about it when we plug that sucker in that same night. It’s so exciting that I’m already thinking of gifting them out! My mother is first in line, of course. She is the absolute most difficult person to buy for. She is all about practicality not materialism as most older generation Laotians are. Last Christmas, I buy her this expensive bottle of lavender lotion. On our next visit, I see her wearing neon socks I gifted to my little sister!

Scentsy is far from “practical” but I thought I’d give it a shot and toss the idea to my mom. Here’s how that went:

Did I mention that I never win?

Who in your family is difficult to buy for? Do you celebrate American holidays or favor your own cultural holidays? What is your worst gift received?


2 thoughts on “Who Is Scentsy?

  1. Wow!! Your mom is so high tech:-)… Congratulation on winning that gift basket.

    Hhhmm Our family do celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas, but a twist of laotians version. Plenty of lao foods and alcohols:-). We normally do not have gifts exchange at all. Most of the gifts are for the kids.

    • Seeharhed, she just started texting within the year or so. It was so funny! We celebrate but do not do a tree or a huge gift exchange either. Yes, lots of Lao food and liquor being passed around! When we were younger, we did do gifts but now that we’re older, we get cash or usually nothing at all and just spending quality time is a gift in and of itself.

      Of course, Bpee Mai is the best celebration of the entire year! 😉

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