Wordless Wednesday – When You Were New

As my first Wordless Wednesday post since beginning my blogging journey, it didn’t come at a better time because Humnoy turned six months yesterday! It’s been quite a trip.

From the day of his birthday, it’s been such a surreal dive into a brand new identity for me. I still look at him and wonder how a perfect little human belongs to us and fully depends on me to thrive. A fellow Mom-blogger proposed an interesting idea for Wordless Wednesday called “Wordless WHENesday!” It is an ode to what you were doing the same day/week from years’ past. Although six months is not very long ago, it is quite a milestone and to celebrate, I will share his first three weeks of life.

Do you remember what you were doing six months ago? Six years ago?


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – When You Were New

  1. Happy 6 months birthday Humnoy!! What a handsome guy, watch out ladies..

    All the pictures are cute except one:-). hahahhaha Perhaps I’m little bias when comes to college sports and as far as I remember… I never been a fan of Duke.. Sorry:-)

    • Oh no, you and my husband wouldn’t get along! He’s a huge Duke fan. So huge that I’m practically pseudo-divorced when March Madness rolls around. Did you know that he watched the ACC championship game with Duke and N. Carolina when I was in labor? Yes, when I had to go through contractions for 7.5 hours, he couldn’t miss the game. Thank goodness, Duke won because he wouldn’t be alive today. 😀

      • hahahhahah I would rather cheers for UNC even I don’t really care much for ACC. Every year of march madness brackets, I would pick Duke to loose by 2nd round ahhahahha..

      • He is so prejudiced against UNC. I never understood why he has this hatred for them? Funny thing is that he is the only member out of his side of the family to be a Duke fan, everyone else is a UNC fan! Me? I really don’t care for organized team sports whatsoever. I love me some Jeopardy tournaments!

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