Fool Me Once, Scam Me Twice (Part I)

Who has had to report fraudulent activity with her bank two different times within the last 10 months? This guy. The first time it was a total douche-bag who broke my vehicle window and took my purse (My bad!) and paid his/her petty ~$270 Verizon Go-phone bill. I’m grateful my bank credited the fraudulent transaction immediately and were only $130 in the hole when I had to repair my passenger seat window.

This time I made the hasty decision to buy from what looked like a legitimate website for an ERGObaby carrier. It was a low price (first red flag!) and no shipping (second red flag!) so I submit my debit card information. I spread the good word to a Facebook page thinking other mothers would love to get on this deal as well! I’m just a great person like that. Thank GOD this page gets so much traffic because someone immediately informs me that it is a fake site and I need to cancel my order, which I try to do right away. Lo and behold, there is no customer service number (third and huge red flag!) Oh. Shit.

I find that not only are they scam artists but very illiterate scam artists. Here’s the body for their confirmation email:

Dear Laotian Commotion

This is roza, Your Service Commissioner ,customer service center for First thanks for your order on our website,your order has gone through and we have already shipped it.

Now please allow me to add the information about your order below,please confirm

(bogus screenshot of my online information)

If you have any doubt about your order ,you should contact me in 24 hours.

The tracking No. will be sent to you as soon as we get it so that you can track your order conveniently.About 5-8 days later you will receive your order.

Thanks again for your order on our website!

To return benefits to our regular customers, everyday there will be 8 lucky people,who can obtain the lifelong VIP Coupon And you can also tell your friends about this coupon.They can also enjoy the same coupon!

If there are some questions when you receive our products,you can e-mail to me !

Have a good life!




They do, however, have a stupid Customer Service email. I do some fast thinking and just send a cancellation to their bogus email with a bogus statement saying something like, “To ROZA: Please cancel my order, you fake m*****f*****!” Not quite like that but almost took it to that level. I contact my bank, cancel my card and they tell me to simply wait. Wait til the transaction clears so I can file fraud paperwork. Once I get to the bank, you will not believe what the scam artist(s) tried next.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Fool Me Once, Scam Me Twice (Part I)

  1. C’mon now…. finish the story… what a teaser!! hahahhah

    I totally can relate to the story. Few years back, I had my identity stolen from me and good thing I caught it right a way. Within 24 hrs period, those scumbags attempts to charge over 150 transactions. Now a day, I only shop at more common sites.

    • Haha! I knew that was a good way to end it!

      We’re on the road for a weekend getaway so I may not get to write Part II this weekend and will have to suffice with short posts while in Seatown.

      Isn’t it such a hassle to correct the wrongs of evil-doers? As you know, we’re big believers in Karma! My husband can get quite verbally violent to these type of people but I will sit back and let Karma find its way to them!

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