Humnoy Meets US Cyclocross Greats

I surely fell off the Post a Day 2011 Challenge wagon bike for the weekend and had a hard time getting back on! We were in Issaquah as spectators while Daddy participated in Starcrossed, a notable cyclocross race event, so please excuse my forgetfulness while we were having a blast.

For what I lack in posts, I will make up in sharing about awesomeness we had during this weekend.

We enjoyed a bread bowl from Pike Place Chowder in the famous Pike Place Market. We topped our downtown early dinner with a pirsozkhi from Piroshky, Piroshky.


While both eateries were a great highlight of our trip, I must say that it doesn’t compare to Humnoy meeting the current US National Cyclocross Champion Todd Wells (left) and Ryan Trebon (right) this weekend. Doesn’t he look stoked?


As you can imagine, this cyclocross biz is all new to me and any other Laotian on this planet. I have a hard time explaining cyclocross to my friends let alone explaining it to my parents! Lao logic would be that in Laos, no one would pay to ride a bicycle in mud and rain. That’s just how “kone Lao” had to get around! At these races, it’s safe to say I’m the only Lao person there even if it is because I’m a bike-wife.


Do you ride bicycles? Do you do it for fun, sport or necessity? Have you met a well-known athlete in your favorite sport(s)?


3 thoughts on “Humnoy Meets US Cyclocross Greats

  1. LOL@only khon lao… I do feel like that sometime… especially when I’m attending major league baseball games.

    Humnoy’s daddy must be in good shape. BTW, I’m the other laotian that knows what Cyclocross is…. but, never even cross my mind to try it. I just enjoyed my mountain bike on some dirt trails.

    Hhhmm.. I love the Pike Place Market and do miss Seattle badly :-(. All these time, I thought you are in east coast.

    • He’s in great shape; he wants to lose 15 pounds though, crazy kohn kao! Always trying to be skinny. Tsk tsk.

      Wow!! That’s amazing you are familiar with cyclocross! I’m not a bike fanatic by any means but since I’ve met him, I’ve acquired quite the bike knowledge.

      Haha! I’ve never been to a major league baseball game because I have the attention span of a gnat and probably die of boredom! If I did though, I’m still sure I’d be the only Lao…

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