Fool Me Once, Scam Me Twice (Part II)

After the bruises were healing from me kicking myself in the ass, I’ve calmed down enough to follow through with the next steps: File a fraud report with my bank after the transaction cleared.

It was my husband’s day off so we stop in as a quaint little family at a branch to head off on a picnic thereafter. Now remember, I’d gone trough this process before when I had my purse stolen and my card used to pay for a phone bill 10 months earlier (i.e., I’m easily scam-able). I knew it’d be a bunch of writing a report, signing a million times and then they’ll tell me we’ll see a provisional credit in 48 hours. We meet with a representative to go over the details and she takes a look at our online activity. She makes sure we recognize some of the recent vendors. Yes, I did get my oil changed recently. Yep, we got gas at Chevron. Oh, how about $500 to a Chinese website? Apparently, this same vendor tried to receive a $500 payment after sending that bogus Customer Service email! Now, I’m no investigative guru but this screams “scam artist!” I’m so grateful that I cancelled that card immediately so that payment was denied!

Although those pricks show they’re trying to make unauthorized purchase, I still have to wait it out. I have to give them 30 days, which is meant to give them ample time to respond back. Uh, they’re robots; they’re not going to email or call me back but I digress…

Now, what happens next will scare any conscious consumer out of their Made in the U.S.A-pants!


One thought on “Fool Me Once, Scam Me Twice (Part II)

  1. Hhhmmm.. Pretending like I am a movie critic. Part I was awesome, totally got my attention and off my seat… I can’t say the same for Part II. hahahahahha The best way to sum it up… “weak” 🙂

    On other side of token, I’m glad to hear you got it straighten out. I’ve gone through it once and talking about feeling hopeless.

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