(Grand)Mommy Does Best

You know you need to step up your game when your husband says, “Mmm, it’s good but it’s not Mommy’s pho.” As in my Mommy, the woman who makes the best Lao food that I know. Not quite what you want to hear but I accepted the constructive criticism because it wasn’t called ghetto pho for its elaborate preparation.

My mom is known to tease me with picture texts/videos (I regret ever teaching her this) of my favorite foods from home. I literally will salivate if I see some thom mock houng, Lao spicy papaya salad, up on that iPhone screen! As an attempt to show her I am doing just fine on my own with ghetto pho, I send her my own little in-your-face. What do I get? Insult to injury!

Mommy – 1; Humnoy’s Mommy – 0

Have you mastered your mom’s cooking? What dishes are the most difficult/easiest/fun to make? How often do you consult your parents for recipes?


3 thoughts on “(Grand)Mommy Does Best

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