Wordless Wednesday – A Grandmother’s Love

Two years ago, my grandmother passed peacefully in her sleep. For this Wordless Wednesday, I literally will have no “words” but a simple remembrance in place of Wordless Wednesday photos. I wouldn’t know how to express love and my grandmother in the same sentence. She embodied it in everything she did— her flowers, her humor and even her tobacco-chewing made her our community’s “Grandma.” She is the inspiration for my parenting ideals and this blog. I may not have had to endure raising four children in a war-torn country and bring them to a new country for their safety but I am connecting with her by being the best mother to her first great-grandson. I hope she is proud of me that I gave him a Lao name, expose him to all cultures and teach him to respect and love everybody in spite of their nature. It starts with the love of a child and our world could be a better place.


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – A Grandmother’s Love

  1. Ahhh, I love that, my grandparents were so special to me, as was his Grandmother to him…there is nothing like the love they give, it’s unconditional and free, no great expectations…she chewed tobacco??? lol

    • She sure did — every waking hour, she had some tobacco and some other Laotian dried goods. Looked like tree bark and leaves too. At least she tried to keep it herbal!

      I bet both of his great-grandmothers would’ve loved him!!!

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