Grandma’s YouTube Birthday Party

How does a 54-year-old Lao woman celebrate her birthday, you may wonder? Two words: pho and YouTube. As a selfless birthday gift to us, my mom made real pho. Therefore, I selflessly enjoyed real pho made by a real Lao mom. Speaking of which, I am contemplating if I need to revise my Terms of Agreement for my challenge. I’m out of town and won’t be back until Sunday evening, which concludes the “week.” Am I going to have to call in a week? Am I already copping out that quick? Will my Lao mom rad-ness slide back a few points?

I’ll struggle with this tomorrow when I’m having pho for breakfast, lunch and an early dinner. Wait. I shouldn’t be driving after pho because I always get pretty nap-happy afterwards. It must be that MSG that I covet oh-so much.

The non-ghetto version is so freakin' better.

It's like if MTV still had music videos and if they played Lao music.

Humnoy eating one of Grandma's Asian pears. How fitting.

Happy birthday, Grandmommy!

What do you always have to have on your birthday meal? Do you not care or always have a request?


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