Grandpa Keeps a Computer Diary

My posts have highlighted my mom a lot but my dad deserves some Lao spotlight time as well. He is hilarious in that funny-by-just-doing-things-he-thinks-are-serious type of humor. I never noticed how funny my family was until my husband pointed out that the shit my parents say are quite uncommon and very Asian. His broken English and mannerisms always make the perfect punchline.

Since my sister installed Lao font on the word processor, my dad has been typing pecking on it. Today, I asked my mom about what my dad always “writes” on the laptop because I can’t read Laotian to save my life.

Nothing says Sunday morning than Lao TV and Lao font.

Little did I know that he was writing his own little diary. Today’s entry was a summary of the weekend and was roughly translated by my mom:

Today I came to Connell, the town that Grandma and Grandpa (read: his in-laws) lived since 1979. But for real, anyway, the real thing is I’m not supposed to be here because I should be at the shop. It’s my wife’s birthday. She is born October 15, 1957. But right now I don’t want to go nowhere and l want to check football. Time to check that.

I wonder who will read this in 20 years? Maybe Humnoy will be able to archive this day and say exactly what he did on this day: Spent it with funny Laotian grandpa.


6 thoughts on “Grandpa Keeps a Computer Diary

    • Funny you ask that because my mom told me to “take off” my dad’s diary “from the computer” (She thinks the computer is interchangeable with Internet!) She was worried for defamation of character, I think! Hahaha

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