Bar Crawler Turned Baby Crawling Wrangler

Now that I have a little human being that is mobile and puts anything resembling paper in his mouth, I wonder why on earth did I decide to start a blog. Blogs are for food snobs, photography buffs and world travelers. I am none of these. I barely have time to rinse myself off let alone write a 500-word post. I made a promise when I started the Post a Day Challenge that I can do it even if it’s just 100 words.

I posted a picture of my college heyday on Facebook about how different my life was just three, (heck!) even two, years ago. Let me tell you: Life then was mild compared to what I have to deal with now.

Just another Thursday study session (1/7/10)

Then: Salon haircuts and daily makeup
Now: Shedding hair, Scrunchy and Burts Bees Chapstick (in no particular order)

Then: Single-serve meals
Now: Nurse baby, feed Husband and self (in that particular order)

Then: Jeans and high heels
Now: Yoga pants, sandals and a burp cloth

Then: Bar crawls, hungover mornings and twin-sized bed
Now: Baby crawls, happier mornings and family bed snuggles

I’m this kid’s mama?! LUCKY.

Did I say life was more fun then? I lied; my life sucked back then. Humnoy makes my life a whole lot crazier but also brighter, lovelier and better for this former party girl. Looks like I made it more than 100 words here. Daily Blog Mission: Accomplished.


11 thoughts on “Bar Crawler Turned Baby Crawling Wrangler

  1. Awww, this made my tear up. You remind me so much of myself in my early mama days (I also did the co-sleeping, nursing on demand, attachment parenting approach). I know that just made you cringe in horror, but we don’t have to be midlife twins or anything! >:D

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