I Saw Mommy Dissing Santa Claus

Every now and again, I get myself into heated Facebook arguments about controversial topics such as circumcision, breastfeeding in public and vaccinations. Some posts I just want to keep it real and say, “No, you’re a dumb wench and don’t know what you’re talking about so STFU” and leave it at that. Alas, Facebook is attached to my full legal name leading me to take the route of “When my baby was that age, we did this/that/other and it worked for us! :D” To be more personable, I have become obsessed with the Internet laughy face.

One of the day’s topic was posted by one of my favorite natural parenting pages and it was about holiday celebrations. They asked if their fans recognized celebrating Christmas and if they did Santa Claus for their kids. I jumped on this because I’m probably the only Asian, let alone Laotian, “Liker.” Here was my response:

I’m Asian and … got a lot of flack from my Caucasian husband when I brought this up when I was still pregnant, mind you! I would rather do a birthday party for Jesus than the whole fake fat, bearded guy! That’s NOT what Christmas is about and at least stay crunchy by keepin’ it real, right?! We got in a HUGE fight over this! HAHAHA

‘Tis true, my husband and I had a hiccup in marital bliss over friggin’ Santa Claus. Can anybody else say that an immortal fat man came between you and your husband? Don’t get me wrong — my parents gave us Christmas presents under the tree. I believe in the true meaning of Christmas and I’m totally on board with the story of St. Nicholas! I’m not an evil person; I want my kid to have fond memories of the holidays, I promise!

Santa is not my homeboy

The Husband retaliates with the future scenario where Humnoy will be that kid, who breaks all the Santa-believers’ hearts at school when he says, “Well, my Mama and Daddy give me presents, yours did too; Santa Claus is a fakey!”
::Other Kid runs away and cries::

How can I incorporate my beliefs with the joy of Christmas while still raising a realistic and caring child?


11 thoughts on “I Saw Mommy Dissing Santa Claus

    • I love that idea about volunteerism. Why? Because I, myself, have smartly mentioned that to the Husband in that same conversation noted above! πŸ˜€

      Too bad it was shot down faster than I could say Mr. Deeds!

  1. For me personally I feel there is no difference between celebrating Christmas in honor of Jesus or Santa Claus. Many holidays have morphed over the years and Christmas in my life is a time to partake in gifting to close friends and family and a general cheeriness and good will feeling. Both figures were created by mankind to instill a feeling of happiness, I choose Santa as I make believe one day a year instead of a life time. Plus what would you say to Midder if that adorable Coke-Cola polar bear had no Santa to befriend. On the other hand I was much more crushed when I discovered Santa wasn’t real 😦 . And yes..he will be “that kid,” but he’ll also be a varisty swimmer so it evens out.

    • Auntie Starr, I would have to disagree on where you say there isn’t a difference. Santa Claus, as in the commercialized image, is much different than Jesus Christ, who was a real man. Now if St. Nicholas was correctly portrayed then I would totally “play” that up with my kid(s)! I’m just at a loss where I can raise him to be a realistic thinker all the while enjoy tradition— our own family tradition, not what has been modeled by mainstream media. Say hello to Crazy Hippie Banned-From-PTA Mama!

  2. Hmmm…..what will you tell him about Easter Bunny? Seriously, don’t we want to see our kids smile, laugh, and be happy? or do we want our kids to stand on the sideline crying when all their friends are riding the choo-choo train around a model of Santa’s house at the North Pole. I say lets ride that train and take that picture with Santa and his elves at the mall. Let them see Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman cartoon. Let them enjoy their childhood. We don’t need to throw our vision of reality in front of them at that age. Let them have their innocence. Kids are smart. They will figure it out eventually. Just as my kids did. Just as many other kids had.

    • The same, such as the Easter Bunny has NOTHING to do with Jesus’ resurrection! πŸ˜€

      You see, I’m all for watching my favorite holiday movies of yesteryear, putting up a Christmas tree and eating candy canes! I just do not agree with the facade of a bearded, white man giving presents to all the kids in the world in one single night and that they had better be good that year or Santa will you-know-what! What’s wrong with him knowing that his grandparents gifted his awesome pajamas that one year or his cousin gifted him his favorite book?

      I don’t want to beat myself (and my husband) up over something so trivial as Santa Claus and hope that we slowly create our *own* traditions without mainstream ideals.

  3. You can just let the kid be a kid and emphasis the “true meaning” of the holiday. He might just be like me and grow out of all that stuff early. I realized around the age of 10 that santa was not real because the logistics were impossible and rabbits have live births and do not lay bright colored eggs!!! but my favorite easter story was told by A man named Stinson, Barney Stinson.

    HIMYM – Three Days Rule from Inga Vinje Engvik on Vimeo.

    • I guess people think I’m not going to give him a Christmas tree, hot cocoa, or snow boots! I’m totally for all those things and are doing that but I choose to not include the “story” of Santa Claus, that’s all. I’ll definitely check out the story of Easter, thanks!

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  5. I have never pushed any of the holiday characters on my oldest (9). I did the “santa & Easter bunny” gig when he was little but he figured it out very early. We continued with presents & baskets dont get me wrong. He just know its mom doing it for him. Honestly makes him more appreciative of what he receives. He knows mom & dad work to keep us going. He NEVER did the tooth fairy pillow thing. He requested I keep his teeth from the start. He says he will “cash” them in later lol My pawpaw (grandfather) is a old school southern baptist preacher so all of us & our kids were taught Jesus is the reason for season & a bunny was not part of the resurrection. We have all turned out just fine & to my knowledge we have not harmed any kids who do believe… If we have God will forgive us πŸ™‚

    • That’s so great to hear. I’m not religious nor anti-religious so it’s more of a logical standpoint when it comes to celebrating things like holidays. Logical as in, “yeah, Dada works really hard and we should thank him for the gifts that he was able to provide.”

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