Yeah, I Said It: I Hate Cloth Diapering

I hate cloth diapering right now. It sucks. It grosses me out. Et cetera, et cetera! On top of us living in an apartment building with coin-operated laundry and spending approximately *$40 $28 on washing cloth diapers alone, Humnoy has been having some mean ol’ poops. As most of us everyday folk are unaware, solid fecal matter is “supposed” to be tossed and flushed in the toilet, recommended for both cloth and disposables. Yeah, you don’t see that in your Trivial Pursuit. Breastmilk poop is water-soluble so that wasn’t a problem until he had grabby hands and hungry eyes on big people food. I’ve been implementing what is known as the “dunk and swish” method, where I take a poopy diaper and swirl it in the toilet bowl until the chunky gunk comes off. You say, “Well, buy a diaper sprayer! It’s a cloth diapering girl’s best friend!” Girlfriend, I wish I could if I wasn’t already dishing out *half a month’s a week’s worth of gas money. (Plus, I’m ranting so let me finish).

Dunk and swish

Dunk and swish (i.e., gross and nasty) from

Now, I love that we are not contributing to landfills, extra trash bags, and the like. I also love that I have “cloth diapering” added to my list of mom bragging on your top right column there! But c’mon, I thought I was ballsy enough to withstand this noise until he potty trained but now I’m not so sure.

Here are two scenarios I foresee if I were to make a choice on what I’ll do to keep myself sane:

Scenario One
I don’t offer my 7-month-old any solid food whatsoever. We go cold turkey and ignore his raving banshee screams for some toast. When we’re out and the Husband and I enjoy a meal cooked by someone else, we don’t look Humnoy in the eye so we don’t see that desperate look to try out what Mama and Daddy are eating. Results: Sad and hungry baby; sad Mama and Daddy.

Scenario Two
Keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is baby-led solids, and just live with a soggy pail liner and stewing diapers every three days. Results: Normal, happy Humnoy; crazy, frazzled, lazy Mama (this is normal for me though).


Three months old, before solids 'reared' its ugly head

I know I could just spend the laundry money on disposables every month and that would be the end-all. I’ve come this far and fought tooth and nail with the unsupportive nay-sayers and justifying why I would put up with it. My grandmother would surely show her disappointment, I’m guessing, since I’m trying my best to be a third-world Lao mom. I’ve done a lot of things that others have said I couldn’t from getting fat during pregnancy, to having a natural birth, and practicing attachment parenting. I’ve heard it all, but if it’s at the cost of doing what is natural and best for my baby, then I’ll dunk and swish the shit (no pun intended) out of it. Here’s to eating more pears, Humnoy!

*I’m Asian and I can’t do math apparently.


18 thoughts on “Yeah, I Said It: I Hate Cloth Diapering

  1. LOL!!!! I dunk and swish as my stomach turns—especially if I get any on me and it ‘s of course when I think that gloves are not necessary…..and for awhile I ran out of the bio-degradable liners (which if u catch that baby pooed in said diaper & liner) —then usually it’s a quick and simple clean up—if not, might as well not had a liner in there!!! But I know where you are coming from when you say “i hate cloth diapers” this is when I hate them too—when there’s poo to deal with….ewwwww, especially when it’s a runny poo :((( but I have decided to stick with them, their pros out weigh the cons…..unless u r weighing in poo—which there’s much more to come!!! ;P …..maybe it is time to invest in a diaper sprayer? 😉

    • Jenn, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who despise them with pure hate right now! Omg, I’ve gotten it on my FACE… I’m okay with that until the day toilet water gets in my mouth.

      Alas you are right, fluffy is the way to be! I need to get a sprayer, for sure, and the Spray Pal! 😀

  2. Choosing to have my daughter wear cloth diapers was the best choice! She has never had diaper rash, and it saves our family tons of money:) They really are much easier than people think, and there are so many ways to get them cheap online! I recomend anyone to at least try them once.

    • Ariel, totally agreed! I just like to say things that are unconventional! 😉

      I totally try to dispel cloth diaper myths to my expecting or potty-training friends because if I, the laziest girl I know, can do it, anyBODY can! Although, my blog post title doesn’t help, I understand.

  3. Thank you so much for this post, I’d just like to say that my daughter used cloth diapers and it was a great choice for us. I remember those times when she has really nasty poos. Ugh glad that time is over 😉 Keep up the great work.

  4. I had a shower head that I could take down and reach over my toilet LOL
    So I sprayed my diapers that way. I cloth diapered all three of my girls
    PS my parents didn’t call my brother, they called him humtong (golden.. well you know LOL)

  5. I know this is an older post, but have you thought about disposable liners? Its kind of a compromise, but they’re pretty inexpensive and last quite awhile. You can reuse them until he poops, and then you can just throw it away or even flush some of them. I hate the dunk and swish too, we have a sprayer. But if we didn’t, I’d be using the liners.

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  7. Pingback: I’ve Been Stripping (Cloth Diapers) and My Husband’s Going To Freak Out Over the (Water) Bill | The Laotian Commotion

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