Santa On a One Horse… Frozen Meat Vehicle?

I try to write about a variety of topics going on in my life but I always end up writing about being a Mom. It’s who I am now in addition to my idea of being an all-around rad person. WordPress tracks all of the traffic for the bloggers to see what their reading audience is looking for or how they’ve been led to here. It’s neat that I can draw upon inspiration from my blog statistics and see what people are interested in and, in turn, lead them back to my blog.

I enjoy sharing about my culture, family, and funny stories and I seem to get good feedback from you, my readers. I’ve noticed that the search referrals have been a bit wonky lately since I’m writing about different hot topics like my Santa post. Although there are some that just make me go, “WTF.”


Ever heard of a frozen meat vehicle? What’s the weirdest Internet search you have caught yourself typing or awkward Google results you have come across?


4 thoughts on “Santa On a One Horse… Frozen Meat Vehicle?

    • I don’t recall ever writing about a frozen meat vehicle!

      Also, blog posts with comparisons/versus are great because that’s what people usually type in for Internet searches! You could do Netflix movie reviews maybe? Make sure you’ve been drinking before you write though.

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