11/11/11 and a Love Note to My Forever Baby

Here’s what the kid did on 11/11/11 at 11:11 pm and how I creepily captured the moment:

Here’s a little something-something for 11/14/11 at 11:07 pm. What? That’s still a significant time in history.

Dear Humnoy,

You are 8 months and a whole day old today! I cried after breakfast because I knew today would be the longest time away from each other (10 hours). Mama took a part-time job, you see.

I called on my way home, and I heard how amazing you were. I was afraid you’d be very sad/worried/scared that Mama wasn’t there for your favorite noon-time nap. I’m so proud of you and how you didn’t need Mama like you did when you were brand new. Daddy finally can take you without Mama! Now that you don’t need Mama as much, it makes me sad/worried/scared because you’re growing up.

I’m proud of you every day even when I want to run outside and scream. I’m also proud of you when you love on mama so good when you don’t see her for 10 hours. I’m most proud of you for making me the best mother I was destined, but never thought, to be for you.

Good night, my forever baby.


9 thoughts on “11/11/11 and a Love Note to My Forever Baby

  1. oh thank god you posted this. The past few days I’ve been *really* anxious about my career path because school is a full-time commitment and should begin when my baby is ~8 months old. I’ve been worried if that age might be waaaay too early to separate. I know each kid is different some and more developemtally mature than others (and your boy seems pretty advanced across the board!!) SOooo this post did give me a light at the end of the tunnel! And like you wrote, I’ll probably have a harder time with it than the baby!! =(

    • I totally forgive the hasty typing; naps when preggo are much needed!

      Shana, it was hard, not even going to lie. It’d be completely different if we could live on just one- and a- half incomes but it’s impossible in this day and age so I sucked it up and took this job where I can’t bring him like my nanny job.

      I hope you find a natural balance between school, the baby, and just life itself when they collide. It’s hard being the best mommy you want to be but harder when other life priorities are nagging too. You seem like a strong-willed woman and you won’t have a problem figuring out what’s best for you and the babe!!!

  2. Your a special lady! It’s good that you are leaving a viral imprint for your son to always see how special your relationship is!!! I felt the same way when I had to go back to work when my Lola was only 12 weeks. My heart goes out to you…

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