How Jeopardy is a Part of Bedtime

You know how I know this kid is mine? He loves watching Jeopardy just as much as I do! He gets pretty cranky when we try to clothe him after bath time and the only thing that calms him down is hearing Alex Trebek’s wise voice. I am a self-proclaimed trivia know-it-all and I rock at Jeopardy at home. Jeopardy drinking game, anyone? The Husband promised me we would figure a way to fly me out to the nearest audition city if I were to ever make it through the audition process! The adult online test is in January and I am going to register. Nerd Alert: My all-time dream would be to appear on Jeopardy! That. Would. Be. AWESOME.

I’m starting Humnoy early so he can be eligible/smart enough to try out for the Kid/Teen Tournament then onto the College and so on and so forth. So far, Mama like what she see.

In addition to being BFFs with Alex, he loves to rock out to the famous Final Jeopardy tune:


One thought on “How Jeopardy is a Part of Bedtime

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