A Lao Thanksgiving is Best Paired With a White Christmas

What do you get when you have an old pit bull, face bruises, and a nice nap in a brewery? Humnoy’s first Christmas!

We drove five hours to Humnoy’s grandparents in Montana. Now this should be a dead giveaway to which set of grandparents when I said “Montana.” I don’t think you’re about to find a Lao population that is off the charts here in Big Sky Country! He had a Lao Thanksgiving and now he’s enjoyed a White Christmas! Unfortunately, within the first half hour of us arriving in Montana, poor little Humnoy was too cute for his own good and the old family dog left a nice scab on his forehead. I cried more than he did because I’m not an animal person and this surely sealed my disdain. We’re all fine and dandy by keeping a close eye and muzzle on that female dog bitch.

It’s always nice to be around people who adore this child as much as I or my husband do. Unless my in-laws’ only child wants to be featured on Maury Povich with a illegitimate child scandal then their only grandchildren will come from my womb so they may express some sort of bias. It’s still equally nice that they think Humnoy is the most adorable baby to ever grace this land and the next. As a part of a tradition started Fathers Day weekend, we have made a trip to the local brewery every time we have visited Helena. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a baby in a brewery on Christmas Eve? It’s MONTANA; they don’t card. That night, he got to open his very first Christmas present! As with any other simple-minded child, he is most impressed with the cardboard and paper above all else.

Come Christmas morning and my kid probably just thinks it’s just another day in Humnoy World but he gets claps and praise for tearing shit up this time! He received plenty of wooden puzzles, books, and giggles from us at his wrapping paper destruction! I still can’t get over the Dr. Seuss backpack, it slays me every time but he gets pissed if I try to stuff his arms in them now. He got some awesome shoes for walking now that he is 60/40 bi-pedal and has two face bruises to show for it.

One fish, two fish - a baby's first backpack!

Straight to the mouth

Looks a little like an Asian-comic book super hero

My husband and his family hail from North Carolina and I have been introduced to Southern sweet (very sweet!) iced tea, broccoli cheese casserole, and pimento cheese. It is fitting to say that while Laotian food has its own distinct culture, I’m glad Humnoy gets a whole other food culture that is distinct as well! Southern food may have a bad rep thanks in large part to Paula Deen aka Mrs. Whole-Stick-of-Butter but don’t knock it till you try it. With baby-led solids, we have been careful with salt and processed food but lucky for us, sweet potatoes are commonplace in Southern food and the baby-led solids gurus approve of sweet potato. While the Southern Christmas rendition requires brown sugar, Humnoy goes to town in his Smocket Pocket, a Mama-requested Christmas gift.

Hope your Christmas was filled with love and laughter! What was your favorite gift your little one(s) received? Did you reach any new milest0ne(s) this holiday?


3 thoughts on “A Lao Thanksgiving is Best Paired With a White Christmas

    • Yes, especially when society we reside in doesn’t foster culture as much as I like to see! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I loved your Santa post and I am on the same page and I wrote my own post about it back in October before the crazy holiday maze set in just so everyone knows EXACTLY how I feel about the jolly ol’ man. 😉

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