Humnoy’s First Hockey Game

We scored some season ticket front row seats for 1/3 of the retail value at last night’s Spokane Chiefs hockey game! Husband and I had attended a game or two in our early dating days and would sneak in a flask to put in our dollar fountain drinks. We liked to party, can you tell?

This time around, we have since put away the travel flask and planned to show our son a good time in the most legitimate way possible – front row seats and sober! The night was uneventful in the hockey punches and fisticuffs but entertaining nonetheless. The baby loved the action on the rink for the first half hour of us being there then he got restless and turned his attention to the crowd behind us. He makes friends quite easily and had no trouble getting giggles from everybody, young and old.

Front row, YEAH!

My favorite man and the strange guy that we call Dad.

Can't I enjoy my french fry in peace, Ma?

Clap-clap for the Chiefs!

More fighting please!

I guess you could call that a "fight."


4 thoughts on “Humnoy’s First Hockey Game

  1. Do you live in the Spokane area?? What a small world! I lived there for several years until I moved to another part of Washington with my husband.

    It looks like the little one had a great time! Go Chiefs!!

  2. It looks like Humnoy had a great time. From the looks of the video, he must be teething also. I remember the days when my daughter was a baby, many sleepless nights and I do miss those days. 🙂

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