Humnoy’s First Incident Report

You know you have a physical son when he gets his first incident report at 10 1/2 months.

We are YMCA members and they have an awesome program called Child Watch for members. It is an on-site temporary daycare facility allowing members to work out up to two hours while their child(ren) are monitored and entertained. Now that he has been walking since eight months old, he has now graduated from “baby jail” and now roams around the free-play area with the big kids! As you can imagine, he gets into many of his own antics being the smallest member of the non-baby area.

They always let me know he is a very easy child because my all-time fear as a mother is that I have “that one kid.”  I skip the cool-down session of the Zumba class to rush and sign him out before the 1:15 PM mark. Today was a first to add to his many milestones at just 10 1/2 months old. I was then prompted to sign an incident report saying that he pretty much zoomed right into a play structure and, because of a visible bruise, I must be notified of the incident. The only reason they didn’t come get me was because he fell backward without crying a peep and got right back up to playing with kids twice his size.

A little stunt he pulled during dinner.


2 thoughts on “Humnoy’s First Incident Report

  1. I love Child Watch! I started bringing him early, hoping that he would get accustomed to it and not become “that kid”. Did not work! Around 10 months the separation anxiety hit. Makes it hard for me to go now, but I really need to get back to it.

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