Sleeping With a Side Car Crib

*Update: Here is a short tutorial on how to side-car your crib using no extra special equipment other than the crib, the crib mattress, some eye-balling and extra comforter.

With the last couple weeks with a perpendicular baby, sleep has gotten quite disruptive as he wakes up annoyed in the middle of the night. Maybe he’s teething. Maybe he’s fighting a little fever. Who knows but it finally occurred to me that maybe, at 10 months old, he needs a wee bit more space. On a whim as I was watching him entertain himself on my office floor with a highlighter and my wallet, I shout to my husband,

Hey, babe? Let’s side car the crib tonight!

He shouts back,


I shout,

I said, Let’s—

Like always,

—Side car the crib? Alright.

He always hears me the first time.

As he did all the grunting and dismantling of the crib, I “supervised” and thwarted the baby’s attempts to pull the side crib slats onto his squishy head and swallow dust bunnies as we rearranged our bedroom.

He’s been in the same room with Mama since birth. He has slept between Mama and Dada after he outgrew the bassinet. It’s been two weeks since we set up the side car crib and this was the first time ever that he even laid in there with his eyes closed.20120131-004959.jpg

To then wake and alligator-swamp roll into sitting up position screaming to now this.

I guess he doesn’t need space so much as he does Mama and Dada, which I won’t put up a fight about.


12 thoughts on “Sleeping With a Side Car Crib

  1. How long are you planning to co-sleep with Midder? I’m just concerned that when his friends want to come over and chill at his crib he’ll lead him into your room. That awkward moment when his friends realize he still sleeps with his mom o_O. 14 is too old Rass.

  2. What does “side car” the crib really mean? Are you referring to a sleeper? Were going through something similar at our house too. We keep trying the crib but she cries so much. We read that Dr. Sear’s baby book and he says the “cry it out” method is not all that good, because the baby looses trust. I just hold her to sleep…. #confused LOL

    • Marie, “side car” refers to having the crib being positioned at the same height as the family bed. The front side of the crib is open and the crib mattress is flushed against the side of our queen-sized bed so he can roll into there or back whenever he wants 😀

      Does that paint a better picture or did I just talk myself silly?

  3. It’s strange that you happen to be Laotian because I’m taking an Ethnic Studies class right now and just learned a LOT about Laos, lol. We recently sidecar-ed our crib for our 5 month old because he outgrew the FP Rock n Play Cosleeper we’d been using. I really, really, really love this sidecar arrangement and wish I would’ve thought of it when he was born. It would’ve made life sooo much easier. We tried bedsharing with our bed in the corner, but I had a hard time sleeping in the Mommy sandwich.

    Oh, and if people can’t get an idea of what a sidecar-ed crib is like, just google sidecar crib. Lots of pics come up. And I thought I invented the idea, haha!

    • Hi Suzanne,

      I am sure the information about Laos is very interesting. I adore culture and I think it’s so neat that I can share that and embrace it in America with my half-Lao child. What was the most interesting thing you have leaned thus far? I’m still leaning about the “Lost and hidden” war that took place in my family’s homeland, very tragic.

      Thank you for sharing! Alas, we still have a nuzzling-in-the-middle birthday boy as the sidecar is sitting in the lonesome with no heat to share. ;( Someday, maybe. … Hopefully …

  4. I have had much the same experience as this! For now the side car remains empty of a baby. Mine is only 3 months old and I have a feeling she’ll be cuddling with her mummy for quite a while yet. But it’s good to have it set up ready for if she does want some space.

  5. What do you do fot nap ? Out crib setting is ao low that we can’t put mh 10 month old in without waking him. I’m planing to do this tomorrow and wondered what about naps

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