Happy Survival Anniversary!

It is the anniversary of the most wondrous day ever! The day I am proud to talk about! The one time I felt so powerful! The moment my husband thinks I’m such a badass!

My most amazing motherhood moment as a first-time, young mom – giving natural childbirth. This time last year, I was enjoying some food and chit-chat at a Moms Night “In.” During this get-together, I was also doing a whole lot of swaying to relieve some extreme discomfort down “below.” At this point, I was eight days “overdue” but stayed and partied myself out until 1:00 am. I came home and slept like any other night in your 41st week of carrying a bowling ball. I also woke up like any other lazy Sunday morning after I crawl back in after my morning pee then I heard a “POP!” at 9:15 am. Thus began my birth story. *Names have been removed to continue anonymity.


{Mama} did the pushing, {Dada} did the pacing, and the other ‘Mama’ was, well, being my mother. The first birthday is not only for the child’s celebration but also a pat on the back for two adults sticking it through a whole year of early milestones, diving into cloth diapering, and still managing to have sex (with each other). Not that I can’t wait to celebrate my baby’s first year of making me the happiest mother in the entire Mommyverse, I still like to give credit to the people who helped make that baby happen – surprise conception, empowering birth, and crunchy parenting. Congratulations to me and my husband for a year of surviving first-time parenting!


4 thoughts on “Happy Survival Anniversary!

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