Cosleeping Bloopers

A usual Friday morning is where I don’t work either job and I knew I would get to spend the day with just Humnoy. Fridays are days I go to noon Zumba at the YMCA, schedule necessary appointments, and just take it easy. Our mornings usually are perfect excuses to be super goofy in bed because he is the cutest once up from a restful night. He has been sleeping through the night, untrained of course, since six months so the only indication of him is when he’s up in the morning and wrastles with Mama’s shirt for boob or with Dada’s nose.

This morning was a little skewed scenario from our normal wake-and-play because Dada tapped Mama on the shoulder to expose an entire little boy draped over my neck. Methinks he got lost on the way to find some milk and just crashed there.



5 thoughts on “Cosleeping Bloopers

  1. Ha! so cute. I was kicked out of bed at 5 this morning by a toddler who INSISTED on sleeping exactly where his nursing brother was…I am more amused now than I was then…I finally gave up and took a shower :/

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