The Best Things

I’m working on some issues and I hope you can help me. Maybe when you hate your job, think about when you didn’t have a job. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, please consider how great your yellow grass is yours and yours alone even with all the weeds, junk, and dog poop.

Instead of dwelling on my issues, there are the positive.

I hate my apartment; I’m grateful to have a roof over my family’s head.

I don’t like working away from my baby; it’s helpful to have a second income.

I can’t stand when I work and then come home to cook; this really sucks and Husband needs to figure his shit out I remember how amazing of a father he is to our baby boy.

I’m trying, ok?

I will lead by example for my son. He may not have a large backyard to run around in, but we have amazing family bed parties. He sees me leave for work, but it makes our evening reunion that more special. My favorite things are those little moments that make me forget the crappy moments. I’m trying so will you join me?



So, what do you think?

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