Grandmommy, the Party Planner

Humnoy’s birthday party is this weekend and I’ve been planning it in the short four weeks. I let my family know the date so they can arrange to come down because they live two hours away. We also live in a small apartment and wouldn’t accommodate even if was just my and husband’s family. My family alone won’t fit in a Chevy Tahoe (I’m the oldest of four kids).

Grandmommy was really peeved that I scheduled it “late.” It was pertinent that I include our friends as a part of the celebration but the bike shop closes at 6 so I compromised and set the party from 6:00-8:00 pm. I know it’s a little controversial time for a baby’s first birthday party but it has to work!

Grandmommy is still hoping I change the entire plan two days before the day of her only grandson’s first birthday celebration.


There’s no such thing as RSVP in Laos apparently. Parties in Laos consist of Lao food and alcohol (kids or not). Every Lao birthday party has those two important elements. I wish my mom would just see that I’m continuing our culture. 😁


So, what do you think?

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