Dealing With Gymnurstics and a Hair Twiddler

Humnoy will only stay motionless long enough to feed and sleep. He doesn’t cuddle for long periods nor does he sit to listen to a book. We joke that he burns more calories than he takes in hence his small size. He is always on the move even when nursing – a high kick here, a leg lift there, a palm slap on Mama’s free boob. Folks, I have entered the gymnurstics stage. Gymnurstics refers to when you have a nursling, who feeds in unconventional positions such as standing up, straddling, or, my all-time favorite, ass up in the air.


He also likes to pincer grasp some of my hair and stroke it to the ends. This is really sweet and adorable though so I let it be. ❀


As long as the twiddling doesn’t involve the other nipple, I can deal with an active feeder and hair caresser.

When did you enter the Gymnurstics stage? What funky positions has your nursling done? What other at-the-boob habits are there?


8 thoughts on “Dealing With Gymnurstics and a Hair Twiddler

  1. Emery is also a “gymnurser” it’s crazy. I love when we are in bed and she decides she wants to sit up and have the “other side” and doesn’t even wait for me to roll us over πŸ™‚ also I think your lil man is perfectly perfect, not too small at all πŸ™‚

  2. Hilarious, two days ago I googled, “hands moving while nursing” cause my little guy likes to grab on to my shirt or make and open and closed palm while nursing. Glad to know other moms out there have fun little ones who keep their mom’s entertained while nursing.

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