The Shower Song, a Co-Shower Jingle

You know how I know Gym Hottie (aka Husband) is a neat husband? He started the new family activity of co-showers! You know how I know GH is a very fun daddy? He sings to the baby! You know how I know Humnoy thinks the world of him? GH sings to the baby in the shower! Not just any ol’ nursery rhyme either but catchy tunes that will have you humming it for the rest of the day. He takes popular songs and adds his own lyrics and most of the time the lyrics are the baby’s nickname repeated over and over. Mama’s a dancer; Dada’s a singer.

GH has come up with quite a catchy one, I will admit. I caught the duo in the shower one evening and it was the sweetest candid moment on camera! Dada was belting shower notes and Humnoy was splashing and sticking his finger down the drain. Therefore I have had the Shower Song stuck in my head for a week and automatically sing it when I’m showering with the baby.

*Note: In the video, you can see that we call him ‘Midder.’ This personal nickname is derived from his newborn nickname, Mister.

Can you recognize the tune? What funny and offbeat things does your partner do? How was this different/same from before they became a father?


5 thoughts on “The Shower Song, a Co-Shower Jingle

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  2. Awesome! They need to cut a CD 😉 The Midda & Dada chronicles!

    I knew dh would be a good daddy from the get go but he has shocked me so many times. Him wanting to takes a bath/shower with Makana starting at newborn stage. Most guys are still scared to break them at that point! Hubs is Hawaiian so he has a “lets do the hula” song he sings & shakes baby hips to. Will have to figure out how to upload video for you to see. I love catching him “talk” with baby & when I come home from work in morning them all snuggled melts my heart … Awe!!! Loves my boys ❤

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