Lao Prayers Lookin’ like “The Wave”

I decided to raise my family with no specific religious affiliation although I was raised Buddhist with a devout Buddhist mom. I would like Humnoy to be able to choose his own path from his unbiased experience and exposure to all of them. That is unless he decided he wants to be a serial killer then I gotta intervene in that noise pronto! With that said, I mostly identify with spirituality in Buddhism. I like to live my life knowing my ancestors will appreciate some of the things I practice or do. I’m not perfect nor claiming I ever am but I think I’m a pretty badass descendent, just sayin’.

My mom speaks to Humnoy in Lao, feeds him Lao food, and is teaching him the details of our culture. I can barely keep up with my Lao Food Challenge, let alone immerse my child in Laotian culture. She managed to teach him a gesture for “pray,” and can also be informally used to ask for something, give thanks, and show appreciation. Saying ‘sah tu’ is generally accompanied with hands in the universal prayer hands (palms facing each other; hands together).

She taught him in a weekend and Humnoy’s version is a bit off from the actual gesture. I can’t help but admit that Humnoy’s ‘praying’ is more him doing The Wave, like the dude in the stands that does it way later than everybody else. You can easily still see he’s gettin’ it!


So, what do you think?

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