Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics

What positions have you dealt with when breastfeeding?

Check out other breastfeeding toddler positions and now we’re on a Tandem Breastfeeding adventure. Have your own? Share below!

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45 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics

  1. This is so hilarious. I would add the “pincer grasp,” a nice way of saying “pinching the heck out of Mommy’s neck.” That right there was a big reason why I’m glad my son weaned himself off a few weeks ago, that and the biting. The biting was not fun.

  2. I love that you caught this on camera! LOL! It is amazing the positions that they can contort themselves into while nursing. My little guy often turns himself completely upside down with his butt in my face. It is like he is doing a handstand while nursing…seems so unnatural but he does not ever stop sucking.

  3. Hahaha! He not quite this acrobatic yet, however, when I’m carrying him on my hip, he likes to tilt over and pull my shirt down at totally inappropriate times- like church or in the line at Starbucks. Love your blog mama!

  4. Mine just wanted to fiddle, anything within reach….necklace, nursing bra fasteners, and the favourite: the breast pump that I was using to express from my other boob!

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  6. I often tandem feed my 1yo & 3yo, where they just giggle at each other, say ‘gonk’ over and over, or blow raspberries.
    My mistake was laughing the first time they did it…

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  11. This is way too funny. I’ve learned to keep my little one’s nails short to avoid scars from his scratch ’em up movement. End now he likes to hold on to the other nipple. WHAT THE HECK!?!? Ha! This is an amazing post. I may have to jock your style on this one. LOL

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