Humnoy’s First Birthday: Mustache Bash Invitation

I’ll be honest: during my initial exposure, I thought Pinterest was another obsession for stay-at-home moms and is the main reason why I had avoided it for so long. Now, I realize it is so much more than another mindless waste of time social network.

It took a whole lot of late-night browsing and playing around with different ideas until I finally decided that Humnoy’s first birthday would be celebrated in the grand style of a Mustache Bash. It was only fitting because of his old man hair. Old man hair is synonymous with mustaches and ties, right? In addition, his newborn nickname was Mister until it evolved into a what is now a personal family nickname. Yes, we do not call him by his first name and not even his middle name, which is also a secret, that I may reveal when the time is right/bites me in the ass.

The Invitation

I used Picnik, which is shutting down April 2012, but there are other like programs like PicMonkey and iPiccy where you have access to online photo editing. Once I was able to get the design and layout of my 4×6 invitation, I uploaded my edited photo to Shutterfly and picked them up at Walgreens. I signed up to get the Shutterfly 50 free prints but for the cost of shipping and in the time I needed the prints, it was just the same expense to pay 19ยข per print and get them in an hour. The 50 free prints is great for prints that I don’t need right away and if I’m ordering a large quantity, in my recent experience. I trimmed the picture and glued them onto textured black cardstock. I stuffed them into a card envelope and stamped it with a DIY mustache stamp, which the tutorial can be found here, that literally took only 10 minutes.

  • 30 prints at Walgreens via Shutterfly @ $0.19/each = $3.80
  • Black cardstock = on hand
  • White envelopes = $9.99 for 25-pack at Joann (w/ weekly 40% mobile coupon = $6)
  • X-acto knife = $7.99 at Joann (w/ weekly 40% mobile coupon ~ $4.80)
  • Rubber erasers = $1.99 for 3-pack medium size at Office Depot
  • Black ink pad = on hand

    TOTAL cost as low as $0.82/invitation


8 thoughts on “Humnoy’s First Birthday: Mustache Bash Invitation

  1. OOh you pin too? What’s your handle or whatever it’s called? The invites look so good! Great job peaceful mama ๐Ÿ™‚

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