The Engineering Gene

20120407-001951.jpgHis Asian side is coming through quite nicely and when I say ‘Asian,’ I mean his Mama’s side/smart genes. I do have an uncle who is an engineer and my octogenarian grandfather still makes sure I enroll in the engineering program in college, if I don’t make it in to med school (he attended my teaching degree graduation in 2010). Gym Hottie and I like to sit and brag about Humnoy to Humnoy and ourselves as he’s showcasing the amazing gene of Asian analytic with objects around the house, which is, of course, not ever a toy. He’ll open/close a Ziploc bag, use the remote as a telephone, and store binkies in shoes.

It’s pretty amazing seeing this little person do things that are really not things that babies should do at that age. I hate to say it but yeah, we compare our kid to other kids.

“Did you just see what he did?”

“Dude, Google it to see what age kids are supposed to be doing that.”

He enjoys destroying tinkering with things and putting objects in the appropriate and even inappropriate places. His latest fascination is with small holes and anything that will fit in small holes. His favorite experimental objects are Dada’s bike and Dada’s laptop. I believe Humnoy’s motto is, “if it fits, take it out and fit it again as many times as possible because this will never get old.”

Oh hey, it fits!

Toy drumstick fits. Duly noted.

Baby toothbrush

Well, now we know

Baby engineer

So Asian. So proud.

Want to see some live action awesome Asian baby dexterity? Hilarious yoga pause at 0:58!

How do you feel about your baby’s development? Do you have to keep updated on the age development charts? What do they do that’s so amazing to you?


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