Laundry Basket Dumbwaiter or Kid Cage – Tip for Apartment Dwelling Families

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Living in an apartment is a sucky living arrangement. Our apartment is upstairs so that’s also extra sucky. All this wasn’t a big deal when I could run up and down the stairs if I forgot my wallet or do laundry. It wasn’t even that bad when I was very large with child going up and down the stairs because the child was contained within my uterus. If I forget my wallet nowadays, I am obligated to unbuckle a sometimes-sleeping child running the risk of him never going back to sleep.

All I have to do is text “Help” to Gym Hottie if he’s home and he retrieves the baby so I can carry everything else. Chivalry is dead, y’all. Although in my almost 13 months of motherhood, I have figured out how to carry five bags with Humnoy and a purse and sometimes even check the mail. What, who needs the Shake Weight?

I sometimes subliminally think, “Dang, I really wish I had myself a dumbwaiter right about now. *womp womp*” The only reason I theoretically use dumbwaiter in a sentence was because the first time I ever saw one was this Christmas at my in-laws gorgeous condo in Montana. Their place had an actual dumbwaiter, which are small freight elevators (or lifts) intended to carry objects rather than people. It was amazing and all these fantasies of my life becoming easier flashed before my eyes when I saw this!

Yesterday I went to Wal-mart and picked up a few things which included a laundry basket. I wanted another one to store more of our dirty laundry rather than in a heap in the corner of our bedroom. Organized chaos indeed. When I was getting ready to take everything upstairs, I figured out my own solution! I just stuck his crazy ass in the laundry basket along with my purse and shopping bag as I carried a box in another shopping bag.

Genius, right? Now if I can just invent a laundry dumbwaiter waiterer(?)

Have you ever heard of a ‘dumbwaiter?’ What are some tips for easier transport in your living situation?


5 thoughts on “Laundry Basket Dumbwaiter or Kid Cage – Tip for Apartment Dwelling Families

  1. Interesting idea how to carry my baby out.
    And I would like to thank you as the representative of Daylight Tune Ministry for liking the post “21 Months Old Toddler”.

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