Mom Problems: That moment you have to delete all your drunk pictures to make room for baby pictures.

(P.S. The blog address has changed from to!)

If I were to provide any sort of advice for new parents, it would be to invest in lots and lots of computer hard drive. You won’t know until it’s too late to find out you take way too many pictures of your child. As cliche as it sounds, they do grow up fast so snap every.thing no matter how stupid or embarrassing it may be for both parties in front of and behind the lens. The same applies to any life event really – your wedding, your first house, and especially your 21st birthday. Stupid, drunken moments need as much documentation as possible.

As a reformed party girl, it is without a doubt I have an archive of drunken escapades. My OCD even has the albums all compartmentalized in order of events and I realized I got drunk a lot. This was even after I deleted irrelevant photos that were scattered in random spots, but I still got drunk. A lot. Among these inebriation gems, I’ve been reminded I did all the normal party girl antics. I’m highly guilty of the Duckface and the obligatory slutty Halloween costume. The funnier thing is that these photos were taken a mere two years prior, if not sooner to (and perhaps even during), Humnoy’s surprise announcement that he was growing inside my womb.

Here I am at 13 months postpartum and only about three years out of getting schwasted every weekend with reminders of my past lifestyle to my current one. My drunken photos only took up a smidge of my hard drive because who is sober enough to capture each moment? If you did then you weren’t partying hard enough. Flash forward to 2012 and I have to appease my Mac’s bitchy error message to clear up some space to store each and every photo and video that accumulate daily. Yes, DAY-ly as in every day of my kid doing the same exact thing within the same millisecond.

Best Advice to New Mom and Dad:

  • Say goodbye to your old drunk life captured in pixels
  • Prepare to take many, many, many pictures of your little one(s)
  • Save each and every adorable photo because one day they will appreciate your odd infatuation of their face and eventually you will see this:

How do you store or organize your little one(s)’ photos?


7 thoughts on “Mom Problems: That moment you have to delete all your drunk pictures to make room for baby pictures.

  1. I still keep all my party days photos on my laptop but I suppose I wasn’t as camera-ready as you since they all still fit on my hard drive! Even now with my kid I still have to remind myself to take pictures and videos. I have an iPhone now so at least I get to pull that out and that has definitely increased my photo-taking!

  2. Hey!! Welcome to the new name 🙂 I want to get a domain too! I bought a 1terabyte hard drive for this very purpose! Too many pictures and I can’t bring myself to delete even the smudged ones

    • I don’t; my iPhoto application is a MESS! Like I said in the post, I am having a difficult time deleting the pictures I don’t use but… they’re memories!

      Right now, I have albums organized by months. For example, Newborn months is from March – April; 1 Month (April – May) and so on and so forth. It’s funny as the months have increased so have the number of snapshots! 😀

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