Why do you fight sleep?

Dear Humnoy,

When you miss your morning nap, why do you then refuse to take your noon nap? It’s obvious you’re tired because you do this:


But instead you go ahead and do this:

… and this:

… then this:

Just relax your lower extremities and none of this:

You’re sooo tired. It’s not like you have other things on your baby agenda.

Therrre you go.

One too many boobie struggles later.

Ready-to-nap Mama

Do you ‘sleep when the baby sleeps?’ What do you do when your kid fights sleep? When does it usually happen?


6 thoughts on “Why do you fight sleep?

  1. I usually always turn to nursing with a sleep baby and if that doesn’t work I noticed I can get both my kids to have good belly laughs even through sleepy cries! I’ve always been horrible about napping when they nap. I feel like I should be doing something productive! It’s bad. I’m definitely not a napper! I jus wake up feeling like I need more sleep.

    • In the newborn days, oh I napped all the time only because the baby napped all the time. Now, I usually blog when he’s asleep but I definitely try to nap if I had a bad night’s sleep or something ahead of me. But, I love me some sleep 🙂

  2. I’ve never been much of a napper. But I’ve definitely passed out a few times during the day with him still on the boob. I guess am lucky that he doesn’t really fight sleep unless we have friends over. But he’s been down to one nap a day for quite awhile!

  3. Ah, in my high school, college and grad school days, I could go forever without sleep! I’ve never liked napping either. Sadly (at this point), my little one seems to be following in my footsteps. He hates napping, and when he does finally fall asleep, he’s up 20-30min later! This will serve him well in later life, but now… come on, little one! Enjoy it! 🙂

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