Sh*t Mainstream People Say About Cow’s Milk

The ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts.

From pregnancy activities to interest of homeschooling, all my choices in motherhood are due in large part to because everyone is, well, not doing it. In addition to creepily rubbing my pregnant womb, strangers and especially well-meaning friends would offer their advice – generally unwanted, of course. “Normal” has evolved into ignoring the biological and instinctual cues as parents for the sake of conforming or convenience.

Here’s my experience with shit mainstream people say about…
Putting my kid on cows’ milk

“Why isn’t he on cows’ milk?”

Did you know the we are the only mammal on the entire planet to regularly consume another mammal’s made-for-their-baby milk? Human infants are born to be nourished with human milk just as baby cows are born to be nourished with cows milk. Well, ‘cept for this kid. According to Dr. Group, cows milk has its share of nastinessdangers due to the extreme processes that milk undergoes, as well as the high amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified substances that cows are continually exposed to [therefore…] cows release toxins through their milk, as milk is a natural exit-portal for substances that the body cannot use.”

20120412-002411.jpgImage from

Think about it: do you think the term “lactose intolerance” has been around since the dawn of civilization? There is no milk product in Lao food preparation, Lao cooking, or consumption of Laotian cuisine. Don’t get me wrong – we (GH, Humnoy, and I) eat cheese. I freakin’ love cheese but I am interested in transitioning to goat cheeses and/or raw types (GH terms: expensive, overrated cheese). At least that kid got it raw and organic in Cambodia, a neighboring country to Laos!

We attended a cousin’s birthday party where another couple (the father is my Mom’s cousin’s husband’s brother – yeah, true story) had a child around the same age as Humnoy. Humnoy was fascinated with their daughter’s sippy cup, which apparently had milk in it.

Mom’s cousin’s husband’s brother: “Can he have some?”

Me: “Oh, he doesn’t drink cows’ milk.”

Mom’s cousin’s husband’s brother: “Oh, so you’re still bre— uh, he’s still drinking your milk?”

Me: “Yep. He is breastfed. *runs after Humnoy as he sprints to the kitchen*

Other Uncle: *Asian accent* “He should be drink cow milk!”

My kid totally got me out of that conversation. He’s my soul mate.

They are all Lao but have raised their children in America, the land of dairy farmers, right? I’m not saying children who grow up on cows milk are unhealthy but why does my kid have to drink it just because everyone does? The conversation didn’t get beyond that but it makes me wonder about the urgency of cows’ milk once a child meets a certain age.

What are your thoughts about consuming processed and manufactured milk? Any other shit mainstream people said to you about cows milk?


10 thoughts on “Sh*t Mainstream People Say About Cow’s Milk

  1. It’s funny how people are so on board with cow’s milk, probably just because it’s what we grew up with. But I see many moms choosing “extended breastfeeding” and really looking into what their kids eat.

    • I grew up with it too. Grilled cheese with margarine and processed American cheese slices and chocolate milk. I turned out fine beside the fact that I have a severe tree nut allergy.

      You’re exactly right about how active today’s attachment parents question the standard practices for the care of our children. Never would I have considered otherwise until I became a mama!

  2. I never really thought of it untill my sisters kids coul not drink “regular milk”. I think it just goes with the streamlined process of weaning kids off the boob to cows milk then solids ASAP! But my neice and nephew were unable to drink cows milk because it was too much for them ad had to drink soy milk cause it was easier on their stomaches!

    • I didn’t think if it till I was a parent either! I have a severe tree nut allergy and it’s difficult to know where that originated from but it is not fun. It is fatal 😦

      Funny how kids are taught that from their baby days that from bottles of cows milk then solids. We did the opposite – breastmilk (still), solids at 6 months (baby led solids), then sippy straw cup (back to work) :-p

  3. This is the text I got from my husband two days ago, “Have you ever thought of giving Malachi cows milk?” I promptly responded that yes, I had thought about it just long enough to decided that if he never drinks it, I’ll be more than ok with that. Apparently my husband had been discusing our date-night woes (our little guy is still breastfeeding, refusues a bottle, and hasn’t figured out a sippy yet) so a well-meaning co-worker said we should just try some cows milk. Yeah. No thanks. Not happening. Honestly, the last few times I’ve wanted it, I feel nasty after one drink. But I do love my cheese and ice cream!

    • The main reason I don’t like milk may be because my husband is super gassy and it’s so nasty!

      Other than that, it’s definitely because I don’t want my child(ren) drinking it just because there’s no scientific or biological reason to.

  4. Well I believe you already know my opinion on cow’s milk. Cow milk for cow babies, human milk for human babies! I understand why people choose cow milk, and I largely think it is because they haven’t educated themselves. I really think if people truly knew, they wouldn’t give it to their small children.

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