Celebrating Lao New Year and a Superstitious Milestone

First year molars? Check. Friday the 13th? Check. Lao New Year? AWESOME.

The stars are aligning to test my motherhood patience this weekend for Laotian New Year, the largest cultural celebration for the Laotian community marking the end of previous year and embarking on a new year full of life and new journeys. At last year’s celebration, Humnoy was a mere five weeks and I was still a zombie mama with round-the-clock nursing. A great article about Lao New Year by Mike Ives does an amazing job explaining the going-ons of a Laotian New Year celebration, which unanimously involve water fights and partying hard without the drama.

Lao New Year 2011

Lao New Year 2011

Fitting that Humnoy’s 13th month falls on Friday the 13th. He surely has never been an ordinary child. Well, a quick update at 13 months:

Humnoy loves:
dancing to Motown jams.
brushing his teeth.
Sesame Street.
pretending to talk on the phone.
– putting things in other things that fit (what is this even called?)
– watching himself in his videos.
– independently climbing up and down off furniture including our family bed and other stable large objects.

For example, while I had my back turned making dinner and Dada was focused on his phone, Humnoy climbed into his walker (aka his kid cage) without any trouble . He’s so ninja. Don’t worry; it’s not weird for us to not freak out about it because he does that shit. ALL. THE. TIME.

Ninja climber!

Sabaidee Pbeemai (Happy Lao New Year)! Oh, and happy surviving a whole month after a whole year, baby!

Lao New Year at Wat Lao Thammayanaram is located 3002 S. 27th Ave Kennewick, Washington 99337-2416. The festivities are April 13 -15th including a Miss Lao New Year pageant, food vendors, and music and so much more!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Lao New Year and a Superstitious Milestone

  1. cool! I grew up in a Vietnamese/Lao/Hmong community and loved celebrating all the different holidays with my neighbors. Humnoy is lucky to have parents that value the Laotian culture and heritage. Happy New Year!

    • That is so awesome you had an opportunity to partake in the Lao festivities! It truly is a one-of-kind experience. My hope for Humnoy is that he at least gets the opportunity to them, if I can’t immerse him in daily Lao in our home. English is so much easier for me now :-p

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