Hey Girl, I *Still* Hate Cloth Diapers

Confession: I have been using disposables full-time for a little while many, many months. I’ll admit I miss the cute bum running around in the plushness of soft organic cotton. I miss the amazement of how a Snappi just works like pure magic. I miss the smell of freshly sunned cloth diapers with nature’s purest disinfectant and stain remover รก la direct sunlight.

What I don’t miss is when Humnoy learned to disrobe a perfectly folded organic diaper. I don’t miss the bleeding hangnail that got caught on the treacherous teeth of the Snappi. I do not miss lugging cloth diapers up and down stairs to the community laundry room.

Yeah, callin’ it – I still hate cloth diapering! Grumble, grumble.

The cloth-honeymoon has passed and that spark is gone. No longer do I get stupidly excited to snap in liners or stuff pockets accordingly and admire from afar when I organized them. I went from OCD cloth mama to who-gives-a-shit-about-landfills Scrooge. I’m a little sad I can’t show my face around at my town’s Great Cloth Diaper Change this year. Last year, Humnoy was only 6 weeks but I dragged my zombie ass downtown ‘early’ Saturday morning with crazy parking and all to be a part of the biggest simultaneous cloth diaper change in the world.

Thinking of trying cloth? Definitely prepare oneself and learn from my mistakes from a reformed cloth mama.

1) Invest in a diaper sprayer.
Sure, try thinking you’re saving money by dunk n’ swishing but it is NASTY. You’ll be introducing solids before you know it and will kick yourself for not having one installed for that first ass-plosion. There’s usually co-ops being run so you can save even more money. It has more than cloth use – it’s a bidet too!

2) Splurge on cloth-friendly detergent and water softener.
Spokane’s hard water causes much more build-up issues in cloth diapers. Build-up usually means that the detergent isn’t getting rinsed out enough therefore causing funky smells and irritated skin. I used Country Save detergent and White King water softener, which are available in your local grocer or I’ve even heard Wal-Mart carries both. Call to find out.

3) Set up a good wash routine and stick to it.
Every 2-3 days is the recommended schedule but you may find that every other day works, especially if you’re piling up more diapers or diapering more than one child. I went longer because I hate laundry and I had bad issues.

Living in this ghetto apartment, I just don’t think I have the patience to keep up with normal laundry and cloth diaper laundry. When we move out of this dump, I will return to the glorious world of cloth diapering and even attempting elimination communication.

Oh, hi. It’s Ryan without a shirt.

What problems have you had with cloth diapers? Any tips for a mama interested in Elimination Communication?

17 thoughts on “Hey Girl, I *Still* Hate Cloth Diapers

  1. LMBO. Loving the reality picture. I was too ashamed to take a picture of what my ENTIRE HOUSE looked like when I was using cloth diapers. I totally feel you. Thanks for esposing the possible dark side of cloth diapering haha. Posting on my FB page.

  2. My daughter had a hernia at birth, discovered it at six weeks but didn’t know what it was. All I knew was that the bulky cloth diapers made it way worse. We spent a few month with her lying naked on those nice aborbent disposable pads. Then she learned to crawl. So we switched to disposables for about a year. Plus I moved when she was six months and had no laundry at home for over a year. Turns out it’s cheaper to buy diapers than to wash them where I live. I switched back to cloth because I’m extremely poor and moved to a cheaper place that has laundry (and on the same level as my house, no stairs!). Plus my daughter is 2 and toilet training so it’s not like before. No more poo mess, big help.
    Don’t feel ashamed to use what you need to use. I admit my choice to use cloth has nothing to do with the environment.
    Also, it’s a lot of water to wash diapers, and you have to consider your sanity in the equation. I got a lot of attitude from other mom’s about not using cloth for the time that I didn’t, and I think it’s sad that mom’s spend so much time judging each other when we barely have enough support as it is.

    I also remind myself that one day we’ll probably be harvesting methane off landfill, so the diapers are probably the best thing in there.

    • I understand with the “Mommy Wars.” Although I choose a different parenting style than other families does not mean I judge them. I’ve always gotten the dirty looks from these families, which is when I do defend myself.

      We’re in the same situation where having cloth diapers is actually costing us money rather than saving us. Until we get into circumstances where we will reap financial benefits to cloth diaper (i.e., having our own washer and dryer), I will definitely use the stash we have.

      thanks for stopping by! I love chatting with you on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Haha I love the dream vs reaity picture. I’m a minimalist so my cloth was never pretty like that. It helps when you are cheap ๐Ÿ˜› I like your live and learn tips I have heard the most issues by far are hard water problems..

  4. Good for you for making a hard choice about what’s right for you and your family at this stage in your life! Many families aren’t in an ideal situation right now, and knowing what you need to do to enjoy your life and make the time with your family successful is important!

  5. Wow, I give you props for having used cloth diapers for as long as you did. Although I try to live a green lifestyle, I didn’t even attempt cloth diapers. The reality picture is awesome. Way to keep it real.

  6. I have mad respect for you for using cloth diapers in the first place. I try to be green, but I wasn’t brave enough to even try cloth diapering. Instead Lane used the diapers without chlorine. Love the dream/reality pics! Too funny!

  7. I love your dream vs. reality pictures! They sum it up pretty well. We’ve been using cloth diapers for two months so far, and so far our biggest problem has been that our baby wets through diapers like crazy!

    I’m not looking forward to when my baby starts solids. I’ll definitely be investing in a diaper sprayer.

  8. Wow, I can’t even imagine doing diaper laundry while living in an apartment! You are one brave mama to even try! We have hard water and no softener, but I just do a hot water pre-rinse with vinegar about once a month. I also run a cycle (without clothes) once a month with some Lemishine. It’s seriously a miracle when it comes to hard water! It’s the only way I can wash dishes in my dishwasher without all my stuff turning white and chalky.
    As for EC, I think your little guy is a bit older than mine (11 months) so he might be talking/signing, but if he’s not, my greatest idea has been to set a timer for the next time I need to take him. Otherwise I’ll forget until it’s too late and sometimes I can even tell I just missed it by a minute because his diaper is sooo warm. I hate when I miss it. Makes me a grumpy mama, but it’s my own fault!

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