Thirsty Thursday: Thirsty Mama, Nagging Baby

About Thirsty Thursday:

There is a day in college that was hailed as the day to be a higher education pupil and partake in academia with integrity and enthusiasm. A day that would go in the books, Facebook pictures, and hopes of a feature on textsfromlastnight. It’s the most popular weekday in college where you could drink yourself stupid because, you guessed it, it was Thursday. Being a mom is a lot like a bad hangover and you always smell like bodily fluids. I’m living like I’m drunk all the time and my wingman is Humnoy. If you can hang, then grab a red cup (of breastmilk) and a deck of cards (phonics please) to pre-funk on Thirsty Thursday.

The first feature of Thirsty Thursday is the parallel universe of having a baby and a college project/homework/assignment. There just so happens to be a project you have to present on Monday, according to your neglected student planner. While you know you should be working on that damn project, you go out and can’t shake that nagging feeling the entire weekend. There is something tugging at you during every girl-group-holding-shot-glasses photo opportunity or beer pong tourney. Something that whispers sweet-everythings in your ear telling you you’re a failure and your parents are (even more) disappointed.

In normal, Laotian Commotion Family style, we spontaneously substitute our craving for a delicious soft drink with beers that were sitting in the fridge. I naively support the myth and believe it will boost my milk supply, whatever. As I’m trying to enjoy an adult beverage, I get a little tug of nags from a little person, who is persuading me to give him the only alcohol I’ve consumed in months with the flick of a pen. This nagging entity is a bit more prevalent (and cuddly and boob-grabby) than my studious obligations three years prior.

Haha, I'm being a Debbie Downer!

Put the lime in the coconut


Cursing spells on my drink

Do you get to drink if you wanted to? What non-child activities do/es your child(ren) make it difficult for you to enjoy? Did you notice how we’re both shirtless?


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