I Got Weiner (Dog) for Mothers Day

The dog wasn’t mine to keep but I did get to spend my second Mothers Day and first one in Seattle with family (and their Dachshund) and my favorite child, Humnoy. My one-day-outta-the-whole-year timely started in the middle of an early morning The Walking Dead marathon with my cousin. After realizing I couldn’t stomach nor eye any more zombz, I went to bed at 2:00 am and slept in until 10:30.

We had a Lao lunch at my other cousins’ parents home. It was also a car appointment as another uncle checked out my very dangerous worn brakes so my first and only gift of the day was a new set of brake pads.

Happy Mamas Day to me.

Dog walker

Kayla, the weiner dog

Happy weiner, happy baby

Frapp Happy Hour

Steve & Blue

Can you guess where we are in the cart??? What special thing did you do/receive for Mothers Day?


5 thoughts on “I Got Weiner (Dog) for Mothers Day

  1. Girl, I am pregnant again and as soon as I read “Lao Foods” I immediately wanted to try. Never tried it before. Anyhoo, Humnoy looks so cute in front of the TV 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day missy!

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