Wordless Wednesday – Seattle Beaches in May

We have gone to more beaches in the three days we have lived here than I have ever been to in my adult life. Sunny days in Seattle will do that to you. Happy sunny Wednesday!

Dada and Humnoy at Newcastle Beach

Camouflage model in front of Newcastle Beach

Baby belleh

Lao sitting shadow

About to dive in at Newcastle Beach!

Sandless beach - Madison Park Beach

My first Oreo at Madison Park Beach

Sand and Oreos are a hot mess, never again.


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Seattle Beaches in May

    • Oh, I can’t even stomach the word ‘packing’ as we’re still living out of laundry baskets and boxes! I’m still tired :-p

      Humnoy loves the water! I think it’s important to expose them as young as possible. He first got in the water at 3 months! Hope Baby A loves it so let me know how that goes!

      Where y’all moving to??? (I’m nosy!) so you don’t have to say on the interwebz if ya don’t want to!

  1. That looks like so much fun! I have been aching to go down to Seattle and do some shopping now that we’re finally getting some decent weather! Humnoy’s overalls are too cute! 🙂

  2. Seattle gets sun?! Just kiddin’ 🙂 Sometimes I think I take the weather for granted and that’s when I annoyingly complain about how cold it is in 68 degree weather haha. I’m glad you guys were able to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the beaches… one of my favorite spots to go to!

  3. Not often you’ll get sunny days in Seattle during this time of year. I guess you guys sure took advantaged of it. I like those pictures of Buk Humnoy going shirtless to show off his muscle. hahahah Watch out ladies!!!

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