(Not Really) Funny Friday: This is Why Parents Need Lasik, Not Glasses

There’s only so many pairs of eyeglasses I can go through before starting a Lasik surgery fund. This is my second, count ’em TWO, pair of eyeglasses that I’ve gone through in 12 days. The first pair happened during a tug-of-war with Humnoy in the late night darkness and SNAP! went my favorite and newest pair.

The second pair were an old pair that were discovered at my parents’ house. Death of the second pair happened just this morning. It also doesn’t ease the situation that my contacts are expired and are very uncomfortable. Being almost legally blind (opinion, not fact), this is not fun having to Helen-Keller the walls to go pee in the middle of the night. I vowed to take extra good care of the next pair when our insurance kicks in. Please pray that June 15th comes soon. RIP mama’s glasses – you didn’t stand a chance against Humnoy, the Destructive Toddler.

Toddlers and nice things don't mix

Toddlers are destoyers of important things

Toddlers don't care if you need that

What items has your child(ren) destroyed?


8 thoughts on “(Not Really) Funny Friday: This is Why Parents Need Lasik, Not Glasses

  1. I laugh because I understand. In a moment of complete exhaustion and stupidity, I handed my son my favorite sunglasses to get him to stop screaming in the grocery store. Snap. My glasses met their untimely end at the hand of a 13 month old. Hope that insurance kicks in soon!

  2. My daughter was about Humnoy’s age when I had lasik and I couldn’t afford it at the time but luckily they had payment plan. I’m smiling now reading your post, but I didn’t think it was funny back then. šŸ™‚

  3. I feel your pain ’cause i’m “legally blind” as well! I can’t imagine living without my contacts for that long! Hope you survive until the 15th!

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