(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – I’m Not the Nanny

Our first play date was scheduled through a Meetup.com Bellevue mommy group I joined. The story time is regularly held at the Microsoft Building at the Shops at Bravern, which includes stores like Nieman Marcus, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton all in eye-shot distance from the brood of drooling tots and expensive strollers. There were IT professionals swinging in and out of the building, nannies chasing someone else’s child down, and then there’s me, who easily may have the least household income – nannies and all. I did splurge on a $3.50 cupcake just so I could validate parking so if I can’t spend a million bucks, at least I can mingle in it. $$$$








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Do you go to regular play dates? What is your favorite thing about them?


16 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – I’m Not the Nanny

      • So sweet! Curious… Beliefs?!?!? What did the group believe? And how did you guys end up in that building?

      • Oh, I guess it’s not really beliefs, per se. I had a different lifestyle and I assumed a lot of things, which I regret doing because I don’t know them. They were all nice but I had a difficult time connecting with the moms, who were very, uh, rich-looking! :-/

      • Lol.. I feel you! It’s hard to find connections with people, especially as an adult. Keep looking, however sometimes dealing with people who are “different” than you can expose you to “different” things. Maybe try it one more time!

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