Honest Humnoy – Seattle Cheese Festival

Humnoy wants to tell you how he really feels about our first family weekend together in our new location. Here’s an Honest Toddler at his first Seattle Cheese Festival with his family:

Watches Dad yell at Mom for being ‘almost done.’ Leaves house 1 hour later than planned.


Riding the bus for the first time. No car seat = WINNING.


Dad says not to touch the bus poles. Touched it and spit out the Binky onto the floor.


Pissed I fell asleep in the ERGO again to then wake up to people fighting for cubes of cheese sitting in the hot sun. WTF is this place?


Comin’ in hot, ladies. Will accept your ‘awwwwwww’ but get out of my way.


No JIF? No, thank you.

Plans escape with Dad to the shiny bike store so I don’t have to witness Mom get ‘a drink.’


Helps Mom get ‘likes’ on Instagram with a signature face.


Happily obliges when Dad carries me in the ERGO. Every time.


Tries to break the table because Mom refuses to hand over her ‘organic’ beer meant for her milk supply. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.


Embarrassed that Dad’s facial hair is a sign of my beard potential but remembered Mom can grow a mean mustache.


What’s your favorite family-friendly festival?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Honest Humnoy will be going to his first Mariners game today! Check out @HonestToddler on Twitter for hilarious, true-to-life tweets that will make you think your kid secretly got a hold of your phone. Be sure to check out Honest Toddler in honest kid-blogging.


9 thoughts on “Honest Humnoy – Seattle Cheese Festival

  1. Beautiful family! And I LOVE your sunglasses. Hope you guys continue to have an amazing weekend! I’m off to coach, but then my first 2 day weekend in A looong time! Woot woot! ::celebratory/dorky dance::

    • Thanks, love! Uhm, funny thing is that you read the “rough draft” of that post and I was going for a funny theme with it today! HAHAHA so… whoops.

      I’m very happy that you finally get a break!!! Woop-woop!

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