Seattle Mariners, a Booze- and Kid-Friendly Pastime

Seattle rain? What Seattle rain? The weather has blessed our family’s timely arrival to our new residence on the West Side with consistent 70-degree weather each Saturday since. To top last weekend’s Cheese Festival, we planned an outing with some friends to our very first Seattle Mariners game. You may be wondering why one earth would I, the wife who ignores her husband and Facebook feed during March Madness and the Superbowl, would oblige to a sporting event let alone a baseball game? If I must explain myself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to view a local professional team in America’s favorite pastime with my family and a couple of my best friends. Oh, and the fact that a baseball game completely encourages alcohol consumption without hiring a babysitter sealed the deal as well. I thoroughly enjoy events where my kid and I can both have some fun.

ERGOseattlelightrail.jpgLast week was the bus and now our family’s first time riding the Light Rail. Humnoy is an official babywearing-public-transport kid! He adoringly gazed out the window for a view of Seattle’s neighborhoods and highways and interacted with fellow Mariners fans through the window in front of our seat.

After a stressful stint at the SeaTac parking lot, I was glad to finally arrive and consume some food and *cough*beer*cough* Once settled with a full belly and a beer, we sat and enjoyed the game with some friends. The beautiful thing about baseball, as discussed with my friend, is the fact that you are able to carry a conversation and sip a beer in between cheering and watching. The above can’t be said for, say, a Seattle Seahawks game or a play date. Humnoy counters that walking around the Stadium as Dad’s chick magnet and ripping a Mariner’s poster to shreds is much more exciting though.

For our next trip, we are:

  • *buying nosebleed seats for really cheap ($8) and find a picnic spot and walk around to watch the game. It will burn those empty calories.
  • *bringing our own contained or wrapped-up food and empty bottle to be filled up at the concession stands, which are both allowed at Safeco.
  • taking the Light Rail each time. It saved us some time and definitely money in what would have been parking and gas. Plus, it’s fun.

Oyster Po’ Boy





Illegal babywearing public transport!

Have you been to a local professional sports game? What is your favorite kid-friendly thing about them?

*Tips from Ballpark Savvy


6 thoughts on “Seattle Mariners, a Booze- and Kid-Friendly Pastime

  1. I can’t wait to take Lane to his first Texas Rangers game! My husband is worried Lane won’t like the noise and sitting down for so long, but Humnoy looked like he had such a good time! I’ll have to show the hubby this post. BTW, that oyster Po’boy looks so delicious.

  2. I like Safeco Field… It is been years since the last time I attend a game there. I attended few games during the first year the Ball Park open to public. That was back when the Mariners was a good baseball team with players such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez on starting line up. I love the foods inside the stadium, not too many ball parks in U.S. you can get some sushi and japanese beers on tap.

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