Wordless Wednesday – This Week’s Breastfeeding Toddler Photos

I am ashamed to admit I have raised a toddler-hoarder. He is obsessed with objects and clutches them when at the boob. Can you guess what objects he has in this first picture? Happy Wednesday!





14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – This Week’s Breastfeeding Toddler Photos

  1. Does anyone realise how hard it is to keep breastfeeding? I am determined to get to 6 months with my son. It is lonely, hard work, tiring and disruptive. But I firmly believe it is the best thing for him. Surely the advice should be clear; to introduce raw fruit and veg alongside breastfeeding – not as a source of nutrution necessarily, but to supplement breastmilk IF you have a hungry baby. breast feeding problemscan be easily solved

  2. Baby hoarder! Haha. Mine is a nipple flicker. I must have both out for him while nursing! One to eat off and one to play with! Lol. Also, sometimes he switches back and forth like he is at a buffet.

  3. I’m dying for that last picture with the overalls. Cutest. Thing. Ever!!!!

    These kids are crazy, huh? I still have scratch scabs all over one boob from LAST WEEK when my son had a scratchfest while nursing. Between that and the fierce necklace-grabbing, it’s a full-contact sport around here!

  4. The buffet feeder – that is too funny – Lane was one of those! As for the objects Humnoy’s hoarding, my guess is a binky and the end cord of a ear phones set, cause the boy likes to get down, right?

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