Where have I been?

I fell off the face of the blogosphere, that is true. Humnoy turned 15 months this month and we’re questioning whether there’s such a thing as early onset Terrible Twos. He’s very spirited (i.e., persistent little bugger) yet very sweet and loving. He’s grumpiest after his daytime naps and sweetest when Dada gets home. He’s your average Jekyll and Hyde in diapers.

Speaking of diapers, we are (back) on the course of getting accustomed to the potty chair and diaper-free time. I started this once he started walking at eight months but fell off since then obviously. Now it is so important to do this since my goal is to have him out of wake-time diapers by he’s two. I’m dreaming, right? He pooped in the Real Toilet this week though! I saw his red-rimmed eye balls and rushed to stick him on top of the toilet. I switched back and forth the Real Toilet and Baby Toilet in between him standing on the lid and trying to take a swim in the bowl.

Humnoy’s 1st poop in any toilet, and it’s the Big Toilet!

Honorable mentions:
– we’re still breastfeeding
– Gym Hottie’s job is going swell
– I want to live closer to the city

More coming soon!

Chopstick up the nose

Nakey time

Cap’n of the playground cruise


12 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Ahh, so glad you’re back! Also, you’ve terrified me that babies can walk at 8 months – I was previously misinformed that the earliest was around 9 months. I’ve been worried that Ben will start walking REALLY early (aka, SOON!), but figured I had another few months of crawling. Yikes.

    Finally – holy crap – those pictures of Humnoy – TOO FREAKING ADORABLE. Cutie little butt. Adorable.

  2. We missed you and Humnoy! So glad you’re back. The pictures are adorable! And it’s too hilarious that you posted the one of the toilet. Lane did this today and I was so proud and excited, then he flushed the darn toilet before I could show the hubby. I hope you guys are doing well, and welcome back!

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