Happy Birthday to a Very Good Dad

I never thought I’d be a wife to a man six years my senior and bear his children. To put it in perspective, I was born when he was probably in Kindergarten. I was starting middle school when he graduated high school. He will be in his 40s before Humnoy hits double-digit age. Joking aside, I would like to wish Gym Hottie a very happy day of birth!

Birthdays are a huge deal to me. GH didn’t think it was but I feel that a day someone you love was born is more exciting than any other holiday, celebration, or day because it’s the day to celebrate an individual. We celebrated on Saturday because I had an event to attend out of town. We ventured into downtown Seattle via the Light Rail, of course, and I noticed some stares from other train patrons on plenty of occasions. I wondered if my dress was too short (or inappropriate for Seattle weather). I realized it was Dada and Humnoy. The stares were adoring looks from reminiscing older couples directed at the sweet interactions between a man and his child. He was sitting on his father’s lap and it is so amazing how much love the man shows on his son, in private or public. This man has no kissing shame!

So, happy birthday, Dada and we hope you’re enjoying your birthday four hours apart today. Humnoy would love to give you a bunch of birthday kisses – “Ahhh Wah!”

Pictures from the day:






What do you usually do to celebrate a loved one’s birthday?


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