What a Mom of Two Boys Wants You to Know About Circumcision

She said she couldn’t be in the same room. She said she knows it’s unnecessary. She said she would not ever recommend it to anybody. She said she circumcised her newborn son because her other son, husband, father (-in-law), and grandfather were as if it’s like a family tradition. She also said let others know what I’m saying.

My best friend since 7th grade knows my stance on routine infant circumcision so she prefaced our play date mommy conversation, initiated by her, with a –

I know how you feel about it…

In reality, it’s not about how I feel at all. My emotions surrounding infant circumcision aren’t about or within me but for that newborn lying strapped to a board helpless and voiceless. I’m not the one who just was born a boy and shuffled through the mainstream thought that he will somehow grow unclean and unhygienic in a modern world. She described to me about her first born’s procedure and how she left the room. I lied about it and cut her off saying I have watched YouTube videos of it to see how it is carried out just so she didn’t have to further describe any gory details.

I’m not here to preach how I feel about it; I’m here to spread the message of a mother’s voice, who was stifled by family and riddled with guilt twice. She said it was heartbreakingly horrible and would never want any other family to go through it, why isn’t that enough?


6 thoughts on “What a Mom of Two Boys Wants You to Know About Circumcision

  1. I honestly had no idea what circumcision entailed until I got pregnant with my son and researched it. It took all of 1 minute to know that it was horrific and my son would absolutely be left intact, the way God made him to be. I don’t know how I would be able to discuss the subject with somebody who felt differently either.

    • That scenario was the exact same one for me! It took all of a minute to know that the so-called benefits do not outweigh a “simple snip” when they don’t “even remember.”

      I can’t imagine saying to myself that, “yes, I’m going to do all that I can to protect and nurture this child from pain and neglect but will circumcise him for benefits.” I have yet to find logical benefits for it 😦 My best friend agrees, yet she had zero support besides me.

  2. So terribly sad. I unfortunately allowed my son to be circumcised after our pediatrician and family members said it would be the best thing I could do for him. I did not learn until later that I had been horribly misinformed and it was my own fault for not researching more. I know better know and while I can’t save my oldest son I will not let it happen again, but it still doesn’t help the guilt.

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