R.I.P. Balloon Doggie

Humnoy loves dogs. Every time he sees one, he calls out “gog-gog” (dog-dog) and if he’s already running toward one, I do the obligatory mommy interrogation,

Is it alright if my child comes near your pet?

Can he pet it?

Is it good with children?

[Apologize for the toddler slobber]

The next few minutes is usually me redirecting him trying to kiss the dog with “gentle touch” and then ends with me physically removing Humnoy and forcing him to say “bye-bye” to have some closure to the incident.

Humnoy spotted his first animal balloon when we visited Westfield Mall in the first few weeks we moved to the Seattle area. Well, honestly, he only noticed it because I shrieked and screamed at how adorable it was when a nearby child was holding one. This isn’t your average circus-clown animal balloon with bulby features. On those, I can never tell if it’s a motorcycle or an elephant. Not these. These are mylar balloons printed with features of a variety of animals and had little dangly legs to weight them down to the ground so it looked like you are ‘walking a dog.’


Hilarious, right?

I dish out the six dollars for a Dachshund look-alike (maybe?) and expect a sweet, animal-loving child like here and here. What we got instead is a closet animal abuser. First, he felt threatened by the dog following him everywhere he tugged the string. Next, he completely ignores it and tries to leave it in the middle of the mall. Lastly, after reminding him that it’s “his responsibility” now, he drags it behind a potted plant next to a beam and tries to ‘put it down.’ Literally, he tried laying the helium-filled annoyance on its back and walked away.

Eventually, the adults in the group were the ones caring for the balloon dog near the end of our mall adventure. Humnoy was merely over it. We get home and he suddenly shows interest in it again and plays with it although “playing” means beating it and body-slamming the balloon.

What happens next is a sad case of animal-owner passive aggressiveness.

*Please note that no real animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.

How are your child(ren) with pets and animals?


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Balloon Doggie

  1. This is so hilarious! My friend at work and I were reading your blog and watched the video. We literally were laughing out loud. Does that make me horrible? lol.

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