Humnoy’s BIG News

Humnoy is calling to share BIG news…

and hopes you get his BIG message.

“I’m going to be a BIG brother!”

“I think they fainted.”

Baby #2 is due around early February 2013!


37 thoughts on “Humnoy’s BIG News

  1. Congratulations! This is gonna sound weird, but I’ve been having this crazy feeling that there was a new baby on the way (and panicking that I was pregnant! Lol). This must be the baby I sensed. 🙂
    so happy for you all and Humnoy is gonna rock the Big Bro roll.

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear that. I feel so incredibly guilty that my supply, and especially Humnoy, is suffering. I honestly wish and pray that I will tandem nurse just so his nursing isn’t cut short before it has to. I’ve seen it happen!

  2. awesome, by the time the new baby comes he will be so grown up you will look back on now and be amazed at the change… also your milk will dry up near the end and go to colostrum, as you likely know. Some babies don’t like it and wean themselves when that happens, although I’ve also read about babies not caring and nursing through until the milk comes back, but it’s great that you are giving him the option. Just remember that you are both gestating and lactating, so you deserve to rest as much as possible…

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    • Most of it has been, “Well, now i know what NOT to do with #2!” 😉

      I’m so glad to hear the sidecar tutorial worked for you! It’s so much nicer to have baby close without sacrificing kicks and jabs in the face and, of course, space. Thanks for sharing it worked for you!

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