Pregnant and Breastfeeding During World Breastfeeding Week

I kicked off World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 – 7, 2012) with nothing but a wee little announcement yesterday. Yes, have you heard the news? Before I shared the news with my online followers, I knew I had to mentally prepare for all the positive and happy tweets and articles revolving around WHO/UNICEF’s joint effort to promote a ‘Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding.’ During all the excitement from all my fellow lactators, I was also immersed in my own guilt filled with irresponsibility, sorrow, and pain (literally).

I knew I was pregnant the day I nursed him and my nipples were extremely sore. We sat and nursed our usual routine and I jumped from the pain! I thought he bit me, but he was just happily nursing like he always does. 13 weeks later, this soreness has not gone away. I consulted my midwife about this and she noted that it’s normal and may/may not subside therefore once my milk for the newborn comes in, Humnoy may just wean completely. Hearing the “w” word has always made me squirmy and ache for my son. I had always planned to follow his lead when it comes to the end of his breastfeeding. Yes, yes, even if it came down to this. With this pregnancy, I feel solely responsible for my plummet in milk supply and his abnormal behavior that he’s had lately, which I attribute to my changing body and its hormones.

Aside from the sad face he gives me when he nurses between each deflated breast, we just happily carry on. I literally grit through each nursing session from the discomfort but I know it’s a part of his routine and he is still a baby at 16 months, no matter how well he walks, talks, or eats. He is my baby therefore we shall carry on as long as he continues latching on.

Happy Breastfeeding Week!





23 thoughts on “Pregnant and Breastfeeding During World Breastfeeding Week

    • My milk would come in as colostrum for the new babe, as you’d know and some children do not care for this taste and wean. I truly hope that he continues to nurse despite the change in milk 😦

      I’d totally rock the tandem nursing!

      • Ohhhhh. that makes sense. I was thinking –maybe ask your midwife if Fenugreek is safe for the fetus, because it totally rocket boosts my supply, sometimes in as little as 12 hours. I take 2 pills a day until I smell like maple syrup, then I take 1 pill every day or every other day from there on out. If I stop smelling like maple syrup, I increase the dose. And it’s so cheap at the health food store.

  1. I just found your blog and I had to jump in here because I had almost the same scenario as you. I got pregnant with baby #2 when my Little Man was 13 months old. He was still nursing round the clock at that point, so by about 12 weeks pregnant I had to night wean him (I was so tired!) and the milk dried up immediately. BUT, he happily nursed through the rest of the pregnancy and nursed in the hospital 6 hours after the baby was born. Because we nursed through the pregnancy my milk came in almost immediately, so the colostrum was not an issue. Now at 27 months, his favourite thing to do is ‘share boobies wiss baby sisser’.

    I know every munchkin is different and lots do wean at some point in the pregnancy, but not all!!

    • Oh! Another successful tandem story! Im 13 weeks now and he nurses regularly (not much milk but it’s there!) Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me more positive through all this guilt. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in the same club!

  2. Go mama! I just read this while nursing *my* humdae. I’m in Vientiane, our family is white-lao, im a doula and I’m training to be a lactation counselor. So happy to have found your blog!

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